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Fondazione Mansutti: The Insurance History Foundation of Milan, Italy

5 May
Mansutti-pieghevole 148x148_v8 inglese.indd

A room at the Foundation – photo credit Fondazione Mansutti

A week ago I had the pleasure to tour the Fondazione Mansutti, a private collection of insurance history that includes books, policies, advertising posters, and placards that had been affixed to insured buildings.

The collection is very impressive – I was particulary taken aback by the handwritten insurance policies from the 1500’s, as well as the advertising posters which are true works of art – some of them were painted by famous artists.

Everything here is original and well-cared for. The curator, Marina Bonomelli, is a gracious host and incredibly knowledgeable about insurance history. She has compiled and written a book that acts as a catalogue for the foundation’s written collection (see photos, Quaderni di Securta, which is also in English).

Special thank you to both Marina Bonomelli and my insurance law colleague Pierpaolo Marano of the Catholic University of Milan.



Guess the Insurance Statue #6

26 Mar

This is a statue of Parca, otherwise known as the Grim Reaper. What kind of insurance do you think Parca holding a thread might represent? The answer and explanation will be in the comments section after you vote. Good luck!IMG_3020

Guess the Insurance Statue #5

2 Feb

What kind of insurance do you think a woman with a gift box might represent? The answer will be in the comments section after you vote. Good luck!



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