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Retiring Abroad? You Might Invalidate Your Life Insurance

29 Nov
Maldives Resort (Wikipedia)

Maldives Resort (Wikipedia)

While reviewing life insurance policies, I noticed that some have a clause which would make it impossible for your family (or other named beneficiaries) to collect your life insurance benefits if you are residing outside of the United States when you pass away.

In the past decade, the number of Americans retiring in sunny locations abroad has increased, and is expected to multiply further as baby-boomers retire. According to the Wharton (business) school at University of Pennsylvania, in 2012 there were 350,000 Americans collecting their social security retirement benefits abroad. The travel industry estimates that an additional 3.3 million baby-boomers are planning to retire abroad.

If you are planning to retire abroad, check your life insurance policy for a residency requirement.


Robin Williams – He Didn’t Look Ill the Day Before He Died

23 Sep
Robin Williams Wikipedia

Robin Williams, credit Wikipedia

Most of the world is saddened by the passing of talented comedian and actor Robin Williams. I think he touched the lives of all of us, in one way or another, whether through a film or merely because his manner of passing was so tragic.

He Looked Healthy and in Good Spirits

I live in the same town that Robin did. I have seen him in town on more than one occasion. In fact, I saw Robin the afternoon before he committed suicide. I didn’t think much of it at first, and even now I hesitate to write about it, out of respect for him and for his lovely widow. However, I have been encouraged by several friends to post my thoughts.

When I saw him on August 10 he looked healthy and showed no outward signs of depression. Robin even took the time to make a silly face at my friend who was visiting from Chicago and was acting shy and star-struck, pretending not to notice him.

Be Kind

Depression is an inside battle that many people, including some of my own dear friends, face on a daily basis. We can’t always know what goes on inside a person’s mind or what they are feeling. The message to take from Robin’s passing is to always be kind and considerate, because you don’t know a person’s inner struggles. Reach out to people, even if it is only to offer a smile.

Life Insurance and Suicide

what dreams may come

What Dreams May Come (photo credit IMDB)

When a person commits suicide, it often invalidates their life insurance policy. This means the named beneficiaries will not be able to recover the benefits. To see if a policy is unpayable because the insured committed suicide, check the language of the policy.

For a beautiful message about love conquering suicide, watch Robin Williams in one of my all-time favorite movies, “What Dreams May Come.”

We love you Robin, and you will be sorely missed for years to come.

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