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Guess the Insurance Statue #5

2 Feb

What kind of insurance do you think a woman with a gift box might represent? The answer will be in the comments section after you vote. Good luck!




Guess the Insurance Statue #3

19 Sep

This statute is also a Christian patron saint. If you look closely at the detail, you should be able to nail this one! Extra credit if you know which patron saint this is.


The Answer is in the Comment section after you vote.

Guess the Insurance Statue #1

6 Sep

img_3019When I was traveling this summer, I stumbled upon these amazing statues that¬†represent different types of insurance throughout history. Instead of making it easy and¬†explaining the history and meaning of each, I’m leaving it to you to guess which insurance they represent. Up first, one of the simpler statues. Let’s see how clever you are.

After you vote, click on “Comments” below the poll statistics and you will find the correct answer.

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